Dr. Joseph Dehyar has been recognized as one of America’s Top Dentists by the Consumer’s Research Council of America for 2009, 2010, and 2011. Here are some of our patient reviews from all around the web.

Amazing Experience. Whenever you think of going to dental office its always scary and never want to go,but Dr.Dehyar's dental office I would love to go. No pain with dental treatment what else you need!!!!!!. He personally takes care of patient, very gentle and polite. Office is very clean, hygiene with pleasant ambience. Receptionist s are very kind, they verified my insurance before i walk in which made much easier for my treatment. I am really happy with the services rendered to me.


The Best in Service !!!!

After getting fed up with my dentist's old equipment, questionable advice, and overpriced estimates, I decided to start asking around for alternatives. It turns out in the same building as my well-intended but dreadful dentist was Dr. Dehyar's office. Walking in for the first time was like a huge breath of fresh air -- not only is everything in the waiting area clean, new, and up to date, once taken to the back the high standards are even raised a notch. I kicked myself for sticking with the unsatisfying visits of my previous dentist (I shouldn't have to ask my new dentist to *please* take x-rays when I know I haven't had them taken in a couple years. And then why oh why did I stick with that office when they still use literal films to take x-rays a la 1985, attempt conversations with you while you've got 4 instruments in your mouth because they don't have TVs, and then ask for exorbitant rates for uncovered treatments!? Just no.) Dr. Dehyar's office has state-of -the-art equipment, they offer you DVDs to watch while you are getting a cleaning so you don't have to sit through a one-way conversation, they show you immediately and exactly what they are looking at on your digital x-rays so you know they aren't scamming you, and they addressed my concerns adequately, aka with actual medical reasoning, rather than a shrug and a "it'll probably go away." And their estimate for my night guard was a full $200 less than that other guy's, and I now have a pain-free jaw again. It's hard to argue with that.

Dian J.

Almost two years ago, I saw Dr. Dehyar for 1st time to resolve some serious issues with my teeth. My situation was not good .. so bad that I was not able to smile. Almost immediately I was impressed with his positive attitude and easy going manner. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to really explain my options to fix my smile. He wasn't pushy and I really appreciated his willingness to listen to my concerns and questions. Needless to say, he did a wonderful job in giving me back my smile that I had lost several years earlier.I am assigned overseas (Middle East) and encountered an issue with one of my crowns that a local dentist could not address easily. Using email and scanned images, Dr Dehyar invested the time to look at my problem and was able to assure me that he might be able to fix the problem without an expensive implant. Sure enough, he was able to correct the crown without losing the entire tooth when I was back in Northern Va for a few weeks over the summer.Fantastic dentist who seems to work miracles! .. With a very pleasant demeanor who has a passion for his work. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Rik B.

My dentist for several years, Dr. Dehyar is great at communicating the state of my dental anatomy, and provides guidance.When I need some dental upgrade or enhancement, he walks me through the process in easy to understand terms.

Sands H.

I have been going to Dr. Dehyar for about a year now. I have always been afraid to go to the dentist, until I walked into this office. When I first walked in I felt very welcomed. Everyone in the office was very friendly. When I got into the chair he could tell that I was nervous. He waited a minute and made me feel much calmer and was very gentle. He is the best dentist that I have ever gone too, and I have to say that I am no longer afraid to go to the dentist.

Myriah J.

To all who live in or near the Burke, Virginia and Fair lakes area...my husband and I have been coming to Dr. Dehyar for the last two+ years for all our dental care and could not be more pleased. Dr. Dehyar always go the extra mile when it comes to dental examinations and preventative maintenance for our teeth. We are sad now, because we'll be moving back to our home state soon, so we will not be able to see Dr. Dehyar anylonger and it will be VERY had to find a dentist who cares so very much for his patients! He has a wonderful manner, is very professional, and his team of hygenists and reception area team members are top notch! We HIGHLY recommend Dr. Dehyar for any of your dental needs...he will help you keep one of your biggest.

Trish B.

I went to Dr. Dehyar last year for a number of visits, after not having gone to a dentist for more than 5 years. Needless to say, I was apprehensive and worried about the state of my teeth.I had a number of visits with the Doctor, who instructed me on the best ways to rinse, floss, and brush. His recommendations were very helpful, and I was very pleased with the deep cleaning and followups he performed on me!Although I've gotten lax on my flossing, I can say that due to my visits with Dr. Dehyar, my dental hygiene has gotten better. His staff alert me in a timely manner to my followup visits. He and his staff are very courteous and professional. This is the first "family doctor" I've selected, and intend to stick with him for years to come.

Scott C.

Dr Dehyar is an outstanding caring thorough dentist. He explains everything needed and takes the time to insure I understand what is needed or not needed. I have never felt unsure about any recommended treatments. He is a "no kidding" down to earth dentist who's knowledge, skill, and completeness in treatment is excellent. I feel totally secure knowing he is my dentist and my teeth are in good hands. What consistently impresses me is his caring for people, minimizing of costs and follow up of treatments he has done. I would recommend him to anyone.

Milton B.

I've been under the care of Dr. Dehyar for many years. He is caring, intelligent, and devoted to the best dental practices in the industry. My dental hygiene has improved markedly under the care of his outstanding staff. Plus, I always look forward to seeing Veronica, Dr Dehyar's office manager, who is friendly and informative. I can't imagine going to any other dentist!

Nick N.

Like many of Dr. Dehyar's other patients, we have recently become aware of the negative review written last year. Our experience after many years as his patients has been outstanding. His office staff is knowledgeable and caring. Dr. Dehyar takes the time to explain everything to the patient, including options for treatment. In 22 years in Burke, we have had three dentists. We wish we'd found Dr. Dehyar first because he is by far the best.

David C.

Dr Dehyar's dental services are excellent! His dental services are completed with patient satisfaction! Not to mention his flawless office! Each room consists of a TV and computer purposely for patient gratification. As seen in his office, Dr Dehyar has worked very hard to achieve great patient satisfaction! As on of his patient, I am pleased with his services!

Sara M.

I have been seeing Dr. Dehyar since he opened the office here in Burke. My husband and i have been every happy. Dr. Dehyar and his staff are very friendly and have been able to work around my schedule when i need appointments. They are great in helping you out when you need to find out what the insurance will cover as well.

Nellie R.

I love this office! I recently switched from an old dentist and am very satisfied with Dr. Dehyar. I called in, and the receptionist verified my insurance and made me an appointment. They gave me the COMPLETE breakdown of how much I would owe. When i came in to see the doctor he left me satisfied with the treatment. Very nice people and great experience.Great Dentist

Margaret B.

The staff and Dr. are very friendly and take time to answer any questions you might have. Everyone in my family comes here because we know that it will be quick and PAINLESS!!

Mary C.

Wonderful Dentist‎‎ I have always been scared of Dentist, however when i walked into Dr Dehyar's office a year ago they all made me feel so welcome. As soon as I got in the chair he was very gentle and listened to everything that I wanted. I have to say that I was no longer scared. He is the best dentist that I have ever gone too.‎ 0 out of 0 people found this review helpful.


EXCELLENT! Dr. Dehyar Burke office review‎‎ Dr Dehyar's dental services are excellent! His dental services are completed with patient satisfaction! Not to mention his flawless office! Each room consists of a TV and computer purposely for patient gratification. As seen in his office, Dr Dehyar has worked very hard to achieve great patient satisfaction! As on of his patient, I am pleased with his services!


Dr. Dehyar was waiting for me as I arrived at his office. He is personable and friendly, as is his staff. I was immediately taken back to the dental chair, prepped and seen right away. Dr. Dehyar prefers to do all the work on his patients including the cleaning. He is quick and thorough and he always asks first if I have had any problems or questions about my dental health.


He is very attentive and spends a lot of time with his patients. I really recommend him to anyone in the area. The office staff is also very nice and knowledgeable about insurance. My husband and I have both been very impressed.


Dr. Dehyar is our family dentist; he is extremely thorough and informative about treatment plans. His staff has exhibited nothing but professional and courteous behavior through a number of challenging insurance situations and we are glad to be patients of this practice.

Kris W.

This was a great experience for someone who is afraid of going to the dentist. Dr. Dehyar along with his staff were very professional and were able to meet my needs by making me comfortable and explaining each step of the procedure to me. I always had a fear of dentists before him and now I actually him looking forward to see him and his great staff.

Monira M.

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